Car that doesn't start: what to check?

It happens more often than you think: you get in your car, put the key in the ignition, turn it around and nothing happens... The vehicle simply doesn't start. There are several reasons for this and often one can quickly identify the cause of the problem oneself, and sometimes remedy it all alone. So wait to call your tow truck, a simple check could solve your start-up problem.

Ignition, electric motor

According to INC, ignition and electrical problems are at the top of the most frequently reported failures by drivers. In 70% of the cases it is the battery, because at the origin of the starting, it is it which gives the necessary energy to the starter for the starting of the car. It is important to know that batteries cannot withstand extreme temperatures, especially cold weather which reduces performance. Therefore be very careful in winter: your battery will be less powerful and more stressed (headlights, heating, windscreen wipers...). To find out if your battery is the cause of the breakdown, nothing could be simpler: turn on your headlights, if they do not turn on or if their lighting is very weak, this indicates that your battery is flat.


If the battery is recharged and the car still does not start, it means that another part is at the origin of the breakdown, it may come from the starter. It should be noted that the starters do not have a predefined service life, as their proper operation depends solely on their use. The main cause of a defective starter is a bad electrical contact. Beware of high summer temperatures, as heat affects the conductivity of metals.


The problem can come from the alternator if the difficult starts multiply. If you are confronted with this type of situation it is because your battery does not charge properly while you are driving, and that is the role of the alternator. A damaged alternator cannot charge the battery properly.


Then the problem may be with the spark plugs (gasoline car). It is important to know that when the spark plugs are dirty or the spark plug wires are defective your remote control dc motor will not start because the spark plugs will not be able to provide the required spark.

The fuel

This is not always an oversight, sometimes a part like the fuel pump can fail and therefore the fuel will not reach the injectors. You can see for yourself fairly quickly: if your engine starts but does not start, it is very likely that it runs out of fuel.